Free Valuations

We offer free valuations without obligation, which includes a free house call service throughout Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife.

With shops in Edinburgh for over 37 years, our knowledge of the current market value and saleability of jewellery, sliver, antiques and collectibles is vast.

If you would like to arrange a valuation or house call please phone us at our shop during opening hours on 0131 552 6324, or on our mobile 07716 297 408.

Our Shop

We buy and sell a wide range of:

  • Antique, vintage, gold/silver and costume jewellery
  • All silver and silver plate items
  • Antique & vintage glassware
  • Antique ceramics
  • Coins and medals
  • Pocket watches, watches and clocks
  • Paintings and prints
  • Stamps, postcards and cigarette cards

We are always interested in purchasing all manner of antiques and collectibles.

Further Services

In addition, we offer the following services:

Jewellery Exchange

We are happy to put jewellery you no longer wear towards the price of an item you wish to purchase.

Recycle and Reuse of Jewellery

We use some of the jewellery we buy to repair damaged items.  If you have any jewellery you longer want, bring it in for a free valuation – even if it's broken.

Jewellery Repair

We provide free assessments and quotations for all jewellery repairs – antique, vintage and costume.

Edinburgh Coin Shop

Please also visit our founding shop at  

The Edinburgh Coin shop was established in 1977 and has one of Scotland's largest stocks of Scottish & British hammered coins, World coinage, tokens, bank notes, medals, cigarette cards, postcards & stamps

Edinburgh Coin Shop also offers a free valuation and housecall service.  

If you have any coins, bank notes, medals, cigarette cards, postcards or stamps you would like valued, please phone Hiram on 0131 668 2928 or email us at